Sean McCaffrey is a physician, teacher, mentor, radio host, Founder of McCaffrey Health Center and The McCaffrey Method, Founder of McCaffrey Laboratory, and a 4th degree black belt marital artist. He took his single doctor, cash practice to 7 figures, by drawing off of a 100-year family lineage of chiropractic, building on that, and creating a style of care never before seen in the field of chiropractic.

Dr. Sean has scoured the globe and spent 10,000 plus hours post-doctoral working with the most brilliant minds in chiropractic, acupuncture, internal health, energetic psychology, various indigenous medicines and wove their common themes together. The result is a practice with clinical results on steroids!

His philosophy is simple. MEN are the cause of all STRESS. MEN = Mechanical, Emotional, and Nutritional stresses. STRESS is the cause of all DISEASE. Find the cause of the STRESS. Support the systems needed. Establish homeostasis in the patient. Build trust among your patients, establish authority in your marketplace, and build a practice with maximum clinical success!

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Learn the best clinical approaches that Dr. Sean has searched the globe for and tested in his own practice over the last two decades, which allows him an 80% success rate. Patients that achieve massive success under your care will stay, pay, and refer! This kind of clinical success has built Dr. Sean a 7-figure cash practice and it can do the same for you!