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Sean McCaffrey is a physician, teacher, mentor, radio host, Founder of McCaffrey Health Center and The McCaffrey Method, Founder of McCaffrey Laboratory, and a 4th degree black belt marital artist. He took his single doctor, cash practice to 7 figures, by drawing off of a 100-year family lineage of chiropractic, building on that, and creating a style of care never before seen in the field of chiropractic.

Dr. Sean has scoured the globe and spent 10,000 plus hours post-doctoral working with the most brilliant minds in chiropractic, acupuncture, internal health, energetic psychology, various indigenous medicines and wove their common themes together. The result is a practice with clinical results on steroids! 

His philosophy is simple. MEN are the cause of all STRESS. MEN = Mechanical, Emotional, and Nutritional stresses. STRESS is the cause of all DISEASE. Find the cause of the STRESS. Support the systems needed. Establish homeostasis in the patient. Build trust among your patients, establish authority in your marketplace, and build a practice with maximum clinical success! 

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So, more about me? Probably my most important characteristic is that I’ve overcome, and I’ve fought for everything I have. Literally. I grew up with a strabismus, a lazy eye and it impairs my vision. I woke up from a nap at 2 years old with it, had it surgically repaired and about late elementary school, it began to pull again. I grew up poor, getting it fixed again wasn’t an option. I was a small kid and undersized, I was also poor, and I had this lazy eye. It’s like the trifecta of guaranteeing you’ll get picked up as a kid, and I did get picked on. I was shy, very introverted, but I was also very bright, and I excelled in academics. My father is a brilliant, yet difficult Irishman, and he was an intimidating man in size and character, at 6 feet 7 inches. He wasn’t going to have a son picked on. At age 9 he threw me in an adult marital art class. I got my butt handed to me, by men twice my age but it taught me how to fight! Kids stopped picking on me when I began to fight back and fight back well! I was enough of a loner, had enough of a chip on shoulder, that I fell in love with martial arts. Today after almost 40 years of training, I have a 4th degree black belt in Jiu Jitzu and have trained military and law enforcement. What drew me to fighting wasn’t just the act, it’s the discipline, honor, loyalty, respect and integrity the arts are founded on. These characteristics are the ones in which I live my life, raise my family, and run my businesses.

If you know anything about martials arts, it has a very Eastern culture to it. Energy is an often talked about and practiced concept. In the arts, anything is possible, even things we are told in a western culture are not possible. This further fueled my passion for the foundation of my career. I have had chiropractic in my family for 100 years now. My grandfather, and an uncle were both chiropractors. I grew up getting regular care. D.D. Palmer and my grandfather were friends, and D. D was the reason my grandfather went to chiropractic school. As I decided on a career it was between law and medicine. Law wasn’t for me, so as I waited to get into medical school, I interned in a hospital. That was enough, I was not impressed with the sterility, and I wasn’t seeing people get better – it all seemed so hopeless. My uncle and grandfather encouraged me to go to chiropractic school, and I liked the philosophy of the field. In 2000 I graduated from Logan University. Going through school I quickly realized that the chiropractic my grandfather and uncle knew wasn’t what I was being taught. When B.J. became the face of chiropractic, he left the Old School chiropractic his father founded behind. Instead of focusing on the whole body, and being physicians, he segmented the profession and focused on back and neck. Once the 1980s were upon us and insurance narrowed our scope, the field narrowed further. The old generation of teachers, the ones that were taught by my grandfather were now aging out, and a new generation took over, one that has also been taught this narrowed focus of only back and neck. But I wanted to practice the chiropractic my uncle and grandfather did! After I graduated my uncle and grandfather handed me a list of doctors to look up and learn from. So I did, and once I was done with them, I just kept on going. I now have over 10,000 hours of post-doctoral training on clinical results only. That’s the equivalent of 3 more doctorates!

After practicing for a year in a 100% commission office, I crushed my numbers! This happened not because I was a great sales person, or marketer, I’m far from that. It’s because I produced results WHEN no one else could, and I produced results LIKE no one else could! In 2001 I opened my cash practice, McCaffrey Health Center. My first year I made 100k, today it has revenues over 1,000,000. Each consecutive year my business grew, as did my skill set. I began to learn constantly and then test in my clinic. I’ve wasted A LOT of time and energy learning clinical systems that don’t work. About 10 years ago I began to notice many of the systems I learned had common themes among them. I started to play around with the merging of various elements of the systems I learned. I found that no system was complete, each was always missing something. Sometimes it was a nutrition component, sometimes it was mechanical, or emotional. By beginning to blend systems, my clinical results began to sky rocket even more!

When I opened my doors in 2001, I didn’t limit myself to straight chiropractic. I practice my own form of Functional Medicine. Not the modern Functional Medicine that we see today. Old School chiropractors were all Functional Medicine doctors just not in the way we think of today. Today 70% of my practice are not straight chiropractic patients, they are coming to see me for multi-symptom chronic and degenerative issues. Regardless, all patients receive chiropractic care, as it is the base of my healthcare foundation. I bat 80% at whatever ailment walks into my office, doesn’t matter if you have back pain or you had cancer, now have IBS, vertigo, migraines, insomnia, a pinched nerve, and a tail! You have an 80% chance of getting better under my care. Why? Because I understand how to look at the WHOLE body. Remember our triangle? STRESS is the cause of all DISEASE and MEN are the cause of all stress? And MEN = Mechanical, Emotional and Nutritional STRESS. I begin with each patient by working on the biggest stressor of their triangle. That usually in turn, helps another leg of the triangle, then we move on to the next STRESS on their triangle, and just like that, we whittle the triangle down to a much smaller size. Then we keep the triangle small. Yes, this is a simplistic version, and there is a lot more to doing the actual treating, but I can teach you all of that!
I love to teach! I love to share, and grow and learn, it’s how to become the best in your field! Once you stop learning, the game is over. I have been lucky to find the mentors and teachers I have had. I am lucky to be blessed with the ability to take clinical information and weave it with other clinical information to improve upon what was possible by only following one straight path! I have taught, and mentored 1,000s of doctors over my career, from straight chiropractic, to weight loss, to Functional Medicine. We have coaches for our business and personal success. I don’t see a lot of mentoring and coaching around clinical success, after all, isn’t that what it’s all about? If you’re patients aren’t getting better, or they could be getting EVEN better, it doesn’t really matter how good of a marketer you are, or how much money you make, you’re doing your patients a disservice. That is my opinion.

Mainstream medicine is a mess right now! 88% of our population will die of something chronic and degenerative. We rank 42nd in the world for chronic and degenerative care, yet we pay more for healthcare than any other country! Something is very wrong with this picture. It doesn’t matter if your patients come to you for weight loss or musculoskeletal issues only, or you see big chronic cases like I do, we need to service these patients and we need to service them well! Medicine’s model is failing patients daily, they need other options, whether it’s the best chiropractic care around, the best weight loss system to help them get their lives back, or it’s a functional medicine approach to relieve chronic issues – we are the only option now! Let’s get to work, to help patients get their lives back, to build the practices of our dreams, to become the physicians we set out to be! I’ve developed a reliable system of tricks and tips over the last 20 years that supplement any kind of patient care you can imagine. I’m now ready to share the proven secrets to my clinical success. If clinical success is what you strive for, you’ll find tremendous value in my insights. Together we can make a much BIGGER impact!

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  • Hi, I’m Dr. Jason Strotheide, founder of ChiroThin and ChiroNutraceutical. Sean and I have known each other for over 20 years. We first became aware of each other by serving on the Board of Directors for Logan College of Chiropractic Alumni Association. Sean told me he was getting together a mentoring program for other health practitioners, and he asked me for a testimonial not only as his friend, not only as a patient of his, but also Dr. Sean has worked in mentoring a large number of the chiropractors that are part of the ChiroThin and ChiroNutraceutical family. What I can tell you is this, you’re not going to find a more sharp, brilliant and mind when it comes to patient care as Dr. Sean. In fact, one of my really good friends, who is also a chiropractor also refers to Dr. McCaffrey as that, “Wicked smart guy!”, and it’s absolutely the truth! He’s got a great ability to communicate information in a way that makes sense to people. You’ll be able to understand it easily and to be honest, if I were still in practice and Sean was making this available, I would be his first client. The information he is going to give you is just phenomenal and will help you take your practice to the next level. Even more importantly it will help you get the results that all of us want to get on those super tough cases. Regardless if they musculoskeletal, organ, viscero somatic, or somato visceral. I cannot recommend Dr. Sean more and if this is an area of practice that you want to improve, you’d be a fool not to take advantage of his services.
    Dr. Jason Strotheide
  • Dr. Sean McCaffrey is generous and a great teacher. The first seminar I heard him speak at, he had 200 Doctors on the edge of their seat, frantically taking notes. Dr. Sean was kind enough to allow us to view his office, his care is at an entirely different level. He is well spoken, and has the gift of breaking down complex topics into a topic everyone can understand. Dr. Sean has been an inspiration in that his clinic has grown at a rapid pace over the past few years. Personally, my daughter suffered from a difficult medical condition. In panic mode, I sent out a mass message asking for effective treatment. Dr. Sean invited us to his office for a treatment and offered to teach me how to do this treatment. My now wife heard Dr. Sean speak at a conference. She was working for a hospital at the time. She was so inspired to help the health of people naturally, she quit her job and started working at my office. Thank you Dr. Sean McCaffrey for all you do for our great profession. Yours In Good Health Naturally,
    Dr. Gareth Trichardt, D.C.
  • I have known Dr. Sean McCaffrey for more than 10 years. Some of his many strengths are understanding the intricacies of the human body, eloquently articulating to patients what is going on in their body in a way they can understand and to support them as their body heals. He is a wealth of knowledge as a doctor but also how to run an efficient practice that I continue to learn from him. Thank you Dr. Sean for setting the bar high as a healer for others to follow. I am grateful for you not only as a colleague but also a friend.
    Dr. Keith Giaquinto
  • When it comes to health, I have not had the privilege of meeting anyone with the knowledge, skill and dedication that has been displayed by Dr. Sean McCaffrey since I started working at McCaffrey Health Center not long ago. Dr. Sean has recently taken me under his wing and has broadened my care more than I could have ever imagined and I still have so much to learn. “Doc” has learned so many treatment techniques and in tips in order to try and help everyone over the years. Dr. Sean is amazing when it comes to explaining things, helping myself and our patients understand what is really going on with them. Dr. Sean has made information that was maybe not so clear over the years, make so much sense that I can now use it in practice. Dr. Sean has probably taught me more in the last 6 months that I learned while in school. I have learned that, “anything can cause anything”, you must look for the cause. If we don’t find the cause and balance the entire system, things will never go away. Dr. Sean is not only a teacher to his patients and I, but for anyone else listening as well. Dr. McCaffrey would learn anything for his patients if he knew it was going to help them. He is always looking for new information and techniques to treat and teach his patients.
    Dr. Kyle Brown
  • It’s rare to see a health care provider as knowledgeable, effective, and enthusiastic as Dr. Sean McCaffrey. Since 2000, I’ve watched him continue to seek, master and implement methods that work. His wisdom and dedication now consolidated into The McCaffrey Method command respect from his teachers, peers, students, listeners, and followers. Dr. McCaffrey is authentic, solid and he seriously cares.
    Jill L. Kelly, LAc, MAc, DiplAc
  • Dr. Sean has been a friend, colleague, confidant, and my own chiropractor since the day I met him. From that first time his passion, confidence, competency and knowledge were irresistible. Since knowing him these past few years I have been motivated to learn and grow more than I ever have in the 16 years Ive been in practice. His knowledge on ALL things healing is inspiring and as a chiropractor I need to be inspired to continue educating the masses! He knows and lives a chiropractic lifestyle and to top that off has real life experience in so many other healing arts and blends them incredibly well. Dr Sean is well equipped to lead anyone willing to grow and to expand their knowledge, mindset and clinical skills. There really is no one like him in chiropractic and to witness him in the trenches with his own patients every day multiplies the value he brings. His unique style and techniques are a sight to see. Dr. Sean has boundless experience and has something offer anyone, whether in school or 30 years into practice, if this person is willing to move from their present state. I plan to stick close to Dr. Sean and be led by him.
    Michael Jorgensen DC
  • Dr. Sean McCaffrey is not only an amazing healer with his whole body approach achieving 100% function from the inside out, he is also an outstanding educator for his patients as well as healthcare practitioners. Dr. Sean’s years of research and applied patient experience has lead him to epic revelations in patient care.

    I personally am grateful for any opportunity I have to learn from Dr. Sean. I have been able to improve patient care and results beyond chiropractic by incorporating what I have learned from Dr. Sean. My eyes were opened to a new and much better way of caring for patients beyond chiropractic as being a doctor is a teacher. I learn from Dr. Sean so I can teach my patients how to be the healthiest and happiest they can be. Thank you Dr. Sean for always giving back to us the practitioners so we can continue to offer the absolute best experience to our patients.
    Dr. April Kosinski
  • The most successful people in their field do not achieve that success by themselves. They do so along-side great mentors and coaches. Having personally been mentored by Dr. McCaffrey for several years, I can, without a doubt, say I would not be where I am at in my career without his help and guidance. If you are just starting out or have been in the trenches for years, Dr. McCaffrey will meet you at your level and devise action steps to put you on the path to success and to take your practice to that next level. He has my highest recommendations.
    Dr. Radloff DC
  • Dr. McCaffrey has really helped me learn how an Integrated Urine Panel correlates in a clinical setting. This has helped understand what is going on with a patient instead of guessing. It has improved results and patient satisfaction as people understand what is going on and have a clear path to health and healing.
    Dr. Mike Patten
  • I first met Sean Mccaffrey 2 1/2 years ago at a weight loss symposium. He was one of the key note speakers on day two. I had been searching for 5 years for what was missing in my practice. I had always practiced as a chiropractor with nutrition and functional medicine. Functional medicine before it had a name. But there was something missing. On day two Sean spoke on enzymes and there impact on health. The rest of the seminar disappeared and I knew I wanted to follow Sean. He is an incredible doctor, with such an innate gift to help people heal very quickly. He has definite of purpose and unshakeable certainty with his work, plus 4 generations of chiropractic to back it all up. without him knowing it he became my new mentor. Because of his relationship with the weight loss company I was able to have a direct open line to him to help me with understanding the nature of the new direction my practice was taking....everything that comes out of his mouth and through his hands is a force unlike any I have been exposed to. He is one of the most busy doctors that I know between his practice, radio show, family, webinars etc. he answered my texts and instant messages and at times even called me with information on critical cases. I have the utmost respect for Dr. Sean and I cant wait to be mentored by him on a personal level. I want. what he has, unshakeable certainty in my work to help all those who are exposed to me to heal at their highest capacity. Dr. Sean comes highly recommended by me a coach on the highest level.

    Looking Foward to the future with gratitude
    Dr. Jennifer L. Foster
  • "Hello my name is Dr. Eric Nepute. I am the owner and founder of the Nepute Wellness Centers headquartered in St. Louis Missouri. Our centers have served for a center of excellence for a natural health and wellness for almost 15 years. In our 13 facilities across the country we have been blessed to Help patients from all walks of life and all conditions. Additionally, we have been very blessed to have Dr. Sean McCaffrey educate and inspire our Doctors. Dr. McCaffrey’s clinical expertise is truly second to none. He really truly is the doctor’s Doctor. Anytime any of our physicians have any clinical questions or trouble patience we know that Dr. McCaffrey has a simple answer in a solution. We are so blessed to be able to work with Dr. McCaffrey and look forward to continuing our relationship with him for a long time."
    Dr. Eric Nepute
  • "Dr. McCaffery is one of the most professional, knowledgeable, hard-working multidimensional chiropractors I’ve ever met. I was so intrigued by his knowledge that I didn’t think twice to visit him at his clinic in Springfield Illinois, from California. He’s been a mentor of mine since 2016, and he continues to impress me with his hard passion and knowledge. I highly recommend Dr. McCaffery as a mentor and a health coach for any healthcare professional who is intrigued by the human body, frame and function. McCaffery has many remedies (and some may argue cures) I can help patients naturally rebalance their bodies without the interruption of unnecessary medication."
    Dr. Ali Mostafavi
  • I am super excited and extremely appreciative to Dr Sean McCaffrey, McCaffrey Lab, and his amazing team for introducing me to the 24 Hour Integrative Urine Panel Lab 1.5 years ago. In all of my 26 years in practice I have never had such an informational lab analysis to be able to include into my patient protocol. As we all know - "to see is to KNOW. To not is to guess" This particular lab along with Dr. McCaffrey's trainings, I believe I have filled the missing link to my truly comprehensive patient approach. I am now SEEING, therefore, I am now KNOWING, without a doubt the true Health status internally as well as externally, all in great thanks to this one small addition (that truly is not small... it is a total game changer). Everyone should include this into the patient protocol to really make a true difference in the lives of all of our patients. Dr. McCaffrey's lab and training's will completely ELIMINATE any doubt or confusion. You will KNOW that you KNOW and results will blow you away. Thanks again Dr. McCaffrey for sharing all of your time, knowledge and skills. YOU are making a huge difference in this world and in true healthcare. 🙂GAME CHANGER just sayin'
    Dr. Celia Ringstad
  • "I have utilized the IUP with my Weight Loss clients as well as my Chiropractic patients. Having this additional resource, allows me to help my patients improve their heath condition. It enables me as a health care provider to provide options for exactly that.. Health. It gives me a greater depth of knowledge, a simple explanation to a complicated issue for some and for others an answer to an unanswered years long mystery, that left them frustrated and at wits end. It is an easy fit into any of my treatment programs created for both my Weight Loss clients as well as my Chiropractic patients. I am able to help my patients with increased function biomechanically as well as increase their over all health of chronic health issues, nutritional pitt falls, digestive issues, and some that had gone on as unresolved or misunderstood or for years. This has been a tremendous addition to my practice. For my patients and myelf it is a game changer. This allows them gain a sound understanding of their current health conditions to hopefully have those issues become a part of their past. I am very happy to have this as part of my arsenal to help my patients make the changes and improvement they need to get to the health goals they want to achieve. What is important to me is having a simple breakdown of findings and ability to have easy access to any of my own questions I may have of those findings, at basically any time. This is answer to what may very well have continued to impact or remain an obstacle of health for the overall improvement of my patients. "
    Angela Mawson DC, CME, CAP
  • I have been working with Dr. Sean McCaffrey for over a year now, and can say without a doubt that Dr. Sean is a genius!!

    I understand that is a big statement, and I also understand that there are plenty of smart people in this world. However, not many smart people can express themselves and pass their knowledge on as well as Dr. Sean. He presents his material is a way that is easy for any doctor to learn, regardless of their knowledge or background in functional medicine.

    Throughout my 20+ years in Chiropractic, I was intimidated about functional medicine work, but I now feel confident with my patients and have learned many new skills from Dr. Sean that I can explain to my patients in a way that is also easy form them to understand.

    I would highly recommend Dr. Sean to any doctor that wants to learn from the best!!

    Now, enough praise to Dr. Sean for his academic background and knowledge. What really makes me respect and admire him is the Man he is. Dr. Sean is caring and compassionate, and a true healer. I have never personally met DR. Sean, but I have been following him in the Chirothin group for a while. This past summer, my wife was diagnosed with brain cancer. As you would expect, I was devastated. We found out on a Tuesday evening, June 12, 2018. I called my son who does not live at home and spoke to my other son that evening when I got home from the hospital. The first call I made the next morning was to Dr. Sean, and he has been helping and advising us since that time.

    This event and his response showed me truly who Dr. Sean is and what he stands for. He will never know how much his involvement has meant to me and my family and I am forever in his debt.

    Kindest regards,
    Dr. Kendall R. Gearhart

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